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Conducts a review of the strategy currently employed, operational execution and related cash flow and earnings performance


Evaluates departmental performance and efficiencies


Reviews the current marketing strategy, the selling organization, commission structure and related performance


Works with leadership teams to integrate strategic, operational and cost related benefits into a revised business plan and performance model.  Supports the execution process

Brings Value Through Measurable Results

Ensures Best Practices are Employed at All Levels

Establishes High Performance Management Teams

Creates Culture of Transparency and Collaboration 

Leads Strategically Based Upon Goals & Objectives



Provides Guidance on Management Best Practices for a Leverage Balance Sheet

Initiates and Expands Relationships
with Banks, and Liability
Stack Partners


Advises on Asset Managment and
Debt Related Issues

Provides Guidance on Financial and
Cash Flow Best Practices


Operational Management Consultations Work Closely with Senior Management to:
Increase Earnings and Cash Flow

Enhance End Value of the Business
Risk Management


Enhance Employee 



Delivers  Value Through
Measurable Results

Ensures Best Practices are
Employed At All Levels


High Performance
Management Teams

Creates a Culture of
Transparency & 

Leads Strategically Based
Upon Goals & Objectives

Offers Business Owners

Clear Options Through
Reviewing  Financial
Pros & Cons of Each
Potential Strategy

Evaluates Implications
of Paths Forward

Provides Assistance with
Transitional Models and
Guidance for Next
Generation  and
Succession Team Leaders


With over 20 years of extensive C-Suite expereince, Peggy Northcott leads the Captial Performance team. After graduating summa cum laude from Maryville University, she went on to receive her CEPA from the Exit Planning Institute and is the only independent female Certified Exit Planner in the state of Missouri. 

Peggy's creative approach and emphasis on analytics allow her to help clients adapt to new and changing markets. Her expertise lies in the development of exit and succession planning, growth consultations, turnaround situations, refinancing, leadership coaching and fractional CEO services.

Passionate about transforming businesses and helping entrepreneurs fully develop their ultimate goals,
Peggy has a demonstrated history of leading and facilitating teams of all sizes. Working with internal stake holders and strategic external advisors, she is masterful at creating high-performance collaborative cultures where employees flourish and companies thrive.

Utilizing analytics, business development, strategic and operational excellence practices, Peggy is an authentic and inclusive leader with exceptional interpersonal communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills. Executed through a style of complete transparency, she establishes, enhances, and maintains effective working relationships.


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Peggy Northcott


Larry Potashnick

Larry Potashnick, a graduate of the University of Missouri at Columbia, is a Managing Member of
Capital Performance.  


He has a successful track record as a creative entrepreneur with 40 + years of experience working with middle-market businesses as either an investor, director, or global consultant.   He provides insights on the “art of the deal”, strategy, execution, creating cash flow through asset management and earnings, enhancing end-value, turnaround and growth consultations, financial planning, modeling, and managing all aspects of the capital stack.

In addition, he has demonstrated a history of leading and facilitating teams of stake holders achieving high performance results. The driving force of his methodology is a keen focus on cash flow, analytics and metrics. Results have been transformative, achieving extraordinary investment returns.

As an entrepreneur, he relates with business owners seeking to link strategy, execution, and cash flow.

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